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Our services and fees

【1】 Hourly admissions consulting 

< 1hour @ 7,250yen

Here are some ways as an option that we typically work with clients, with hourly estimates.


admissions to japan

Directions: The chart to the above illustrates the average time allotment for different consulting activities, which includes the consultant’s prep work, reviews, written feedback, and conversations. Not a minute is wasted, and all work is accounted for. We offer total transparency, and you will know exactly what work has been done.

admissions to Japan

【2】 Documents making assistance for admission

STNADARD(partial support)

Including the following service price

・to complete documents of apply while giving you correct advice(not included every selection document such as essays,personal statements,letter of recommendations)

・to become the guarantor of the Japanese side necessary for admissions application

・to submit the application documents exactly by a time limit while managing the time

・to report the results of the selection etc…

JPY  19,500-

※ pay 90,000 yen separately as contingent fee by addition after a pass of exam

PREMIUM(full support)

Including the following service price

(add the following service to “STANDARD” mentioned above)

・to complete personal statements, essays & letters of recommendations etc. while giving you correct advice

・to become a guarantor of the Japan side which is necessary when you apply for the student visa after passing the application selection

JPY  29,500-

※ pay 170,000 yen
separately as contingent fee by addition after a pass of exam

・Whenever one school program to apply to increases, add 10,500 yen

・The contingency fees after the second program are unnecessary

・These service mentioned above are condition that the school program to apply to has been already decided and application qualification after confirmation by yourself


Become a guarantor in a japan side(for a visa application) to become a guarantor of the Japan side which is necessary when you apply for the student visa after passing the application selection of admission in Japan

JPY  45,000-

Mediation of the Japanese language school to find the most suitable Japanese language school according to the demand of you FREE of charge
Tour guide of the college inspection in Japan

・to select the most suitable college
・to plan the itinerary of the inspection
・to adjust the acceptance of the inspection to a college
・to manage the itinerary totally

JPY  20,000~

/(estimate required)

【3】 Learning support in japan

Application support of the scholarship

・to complete the application of the scholarship while giving you correct advice

・to make a short essay imposed with an application while giving you correct advice etc.…

JPY 25,000~

/ per every single case

(estimate required)

Learning support of the class subject
(homework and so on )

・to support of the essay

・to support of the document collection

・to support of various statistics etc.…

JPY 20,000~

/ per every single case

(estimate required)

Various document making assistance

・personal statement


・curriculum vitae etc…


JPY 15,000~

/ per every single case

(estimate required)


【4】 Life support in Japan

Translation of public documents necessary for visa application

・to translate public documents necessary for various visa application into Japanese, English language

(ex: Japanese certificate of residence ⇔ English translation)

・to introduce of an appropriate related organizations

JPY 2,000~

/ per every one page of document

(estimate required)

Search for house, part time job in JAPAN to introduce an appropriate house and work FREE of charge
International remittance service to do remittance procedure between your country and Japan

JPY 1,000~

(estimate required)

Pickup from an airport to a house to pick up at the first time of your arrival to Japan JPY 20,000~
(include your transport fee)
  • Our fees listed here are not including consumption tax.
  • Payment in advance. We will proceed to prepare your application after confirming the payment.
  • In case you decline or withdraw in the middle of the process, we will charge you the cost that we’ve already prepared.
  • We will charge you other expenses such as revenue stamps, transporting, postage, certificates, etc.
  • When you offer us further investigation after consultation, we may charge the cost depending on the situation.
  • We may charge additional fees for dealing with unexpected and irregular matters.
  • We will introduce you specialists/professionals at your request.
  • Keep receipt (of the bank) when you make a payment by bank transfer.
  • We may change, delete, or update any content at any time and without prior notice.


First consultation by chat support or Email is FREE of charge.
Send us your inquiry through chat support or Email.

Consultant & Adviser

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Seerawat Paweena (Thai)
seerawata-paweena2-2facebook・Kwansei Gakuin University MBA


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Tony  (Japan)
・Staff of the University
・J.F.Oberin University, MA
・Kansai University , BA


admissions to Japan
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