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Q)How do you consult with a clinet ?

A) We usually consult in SNS(LINE,Kakao,Wechat,Face book,etc) .

Q) Who pay the postage when documents sending between AAC and clinet ?

A) Client pay.

Q) What about cancel policy?

A) We expain about cancel policy at the time of a contract.

Q) Is it possible to meet and consult with AAC consultant?

A) It is possible if it is in Japan,but Client must pay the transportation expenses of the consultant.

Q) Is the payment with the cash possible?

A) We usuallly accept credit card payment by AAC homepage way,but you can pay by cash in local agency.

Q) When do the contingency fees pay?

A) Pass paper of the university will be handed in client after the payment completion of contingency fees.

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