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(inteviewer ask)

Q1) introduce yourself by thai and english each

Q2) how did this service work on you?

Q3) how is your student life in japan?

Q4) I heard you got US visa too

Q5) pls give some message for oversea studnets


My name is paweena seerawat. Before i come here i live in bangkok. I work with Japanese company in thai before. So,first I thought i would like to improve myself for Japanese language and looking for continuaslly to study MBA in japan.
Finally, someone introduce me to Arigato admissions consulting and they help me to process all my documents. I had no idea how to process these admissions,but they helped me a lot . So,finally all my dream came true in here. I really thank this. and also I got US visa too.its amazing.Now I am enjoying my student life in here japan.
Pls open your mind and share everything with Arigato admissions consulting if you really hope to study and stay in Japan. you can trust them.

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